Take your garage storage to new heights

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Looking for some extra storage room to get that garage organized once and for all? You might want to consider getting some help from above--the garage ceiling, that is. At its simplest, overhead storage can take the form of some basic hooks and hangers for dealing with ladders, bikes, hoses, cords, and similar items. Check out any home center or hardware store, add in a little imagination, and you'll be surprised how quickly you can get any number of items off the floor and onto the ceiling. Always wise to consumer needs for more storage, several manufacturers have developed storage racks that mount on the ceiling or on the wall but elevate to utilize overhead space. Ranging from the simple to the elaborate, you're sure to find something for every budget and every storage need. HyLoft (, for example, offers their Ceiling Storage Unit in a couple of different sizes. These coated, scratch-resistant units consist of steel arms that mount to the ceiling joists of a finishe...