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Plotting a course for real estate leads

Part 2: What map trends mean for real estate business

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Editor's note: Mapping has quickly become an essential part of real estate Web sites as map-based searching offers a more streamlined, interactive way of looking for homes. Brokers and agents are still sorting out how to incorporate maps into their Web sites and turn them into a lead-generating tool. In this three-part series, we go beyond the buzz to uncover what mapping can do for real estate business. (See Part 1 and Part 3.) Putting houses on a map is nifty. Putting maps online is niftier. Making those maps interactive and putting houses on them based on users' search criteria is also niftier. And turning those maps into a lead-generating tool for real estate agents and brokers could be one of the niftiest uses yet, say practitioners. As online mapping technologies come of age, more real estate companies are figuring out how to use this trend to attract more business. Victor B. Lund, vice president of sales and marketing for Real Estate Magazine and Homes Magazine, said maps ...