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Another state cracks down on eminent domain

Bill would strengthen property rights

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A bill strengthening property rights in the wake of the Supreme Court's June 2005 ruling on eminent domain has been introduced in Wisconsin and is awaiting finalization in the state legislature. Wisconsin's Assembly Bill 657 would strengthen property rights by prohibiting the condemnation of property that is not blighted if the condemnor intends to convey or lease the acquired property to a private entity. Essentially, the legislation is aimed at protecting single-family homes from being condemned and sold to private parties. "The bill has gone through both houses. The Senate amended it and sent it back to the assembly, and it's sitting in the speaker's office. We want to get it finalized in this session, which ends this Friday," a spokesperson for Republican State Rep. Mary Williams, who supports the bill, said this morning. In June of last year, the Supreme Court ruled in a split decision that local governments can seize individuals' homes and businesses against their will to make w...