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Help-U-Sell: Don’t call it a discounter

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LAS VEGAS -- Help-U-Sell offers full-service and limited-service real estate options for consumers at a reduced cost compared to traditional real estate commission rates, though you won't likely hear company agents, brokers and managers refer to Help-U-Sell as a discounter. Bill Ouelette, broker-owner of a Help-U-Sell office in Coon Rapids, Minn., said the term "discount" or "discounter" can carry some negative connotations -- "It's like Wal-Mart," his son Marty chimed in, adding that some discount companies compete only on price while providing few real estate services. People might think you're scrimping on service if you use the "discount" terminology, Bill Ouelette said. Steve Frerichs, an Oregon Realtor who has worked as a Help-U-Sell agent and is now pursuing a franchise office, said of the company: "We're not a discount brokerage, we're a value brokerage." But the bottom line is that the Help-U-Sell business model cuts traditional commissions, which typically range from 5 per...