Spring is best time for vital home repairs

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It's all starting to come out of hibernation--plants, flowers, lawns, and even your home. Winter plays havoc on houses, and spring should be a time to toss on some shorts and take a walk around your house to get that spring chore list in order. Here are few additional areas to pay attention to:       ROOF VENTILATION Remember that ice dam on the roof last winter? Remember how hot your attic was when you went up there to check the antenna wire last summer? Proper attic ventilation can help with both those problems, and spring--while it's not too hot or too cold--is an ideal time to take care of any necessary work. Attic ventilation should equal approximately 1 square foot of vent area for every 300 square feet of attic, so first figure out roughly how many square feet your attic is, and then divide by 300. The total vent area should be roughly split between high and low vents, so now divide that number by two. Take some measurements to see if you have an a...