Tips on how to stick this thing to that thing

Glues, mastics, epoxies come in dozens of varieties

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It only takes a quick stroll through one of today's massive home centers to see for yourself the rows upon rows of glues, mastics, epoxies and adhesives for every conceivable use. It's definitely confusing, but here are some tips for breaking it all down into a few basic categories. Craft and Woodworking Glues: Aliphatic resin (AR) adhesives are the common white and yellow glues used for any number of household applications. White glues bond wood, paper, leather and a number of other porous materials, while the yellow woodworker's glues have additional additives to make them a little tougher for woodworking applications. These glues have a moderate open time (the amount of time you have for moving and aligning the pieces being glued before the glue sets up), and once aligned should be clamped until dry. Once cured, yellow glues form a tough bond that is typically as strong or stronger than the wood itself. Instant Glue: Technically known as cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive, instant glues ar...