Soundproofing shower puts marriage in jeopardy

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Q: They say there are no stupid questions, so here goes. My wife is an early riser and tends to shower long before my alarm goes off. Unfortunately, the plumbing for the shower is located inside a wall shared with the master bedroom, and it wakes me every time. By any chance is there a foam insulation product that I could blow through one or more small holes in the wall to help reduce the noise the shower makes in the morning? My wife really doesn't want me to tear the wall apart, but I'm at my wits' end. Can you save my marriage? A: While it's true there are no stupid questions, this one is a bit out of the ordinary. Can we save your marriage? Probably not. We repair houses, not relationships. You'll have to get in touch with Dr. Phil for that kind of help. But we would like to suggest an immediate and inexpensive solution to your problem -- earplugs. You can even find them in a hardware store. If you want to go the home-repair route, try the following suggestions. It'll take some wor...