ShackYack puts a Web 2.0 spin on L.A. real estate

Site offers rich property data, user comments

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017 is: a sliding price scale and a separate scale for selecting property types, unique icons that are color-coded based on price, a Google-based mapping platform that displays property information from four Southern California MLSs, links to estimates and municipal Web sites that have rich data on individual properties, searches by ZIP code and neighborhood area and MLS number, a five-star property ratings system, user comments, neighborhood market conditions, and details on price reductions, days on market and estimated monthly mortgage payments. To put it more simply, it's another one of those Web 2.0 real estate sites. "We're just giving consumers as much information as possible and letting them act on it," said Brock Harris, broker-owner at Brock Harris Real Estate in Los Angeles, the company that operates the site. To Harris, the Web 2.0 buzz-phrase stands for "a whole new level of usability" with online sites, and increased community interact...