Real estate for sale — or not

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Gary Heyer has a tool for home shoppers who found the home of their dreams ... and found out it's not for sale. He also has a solution for homeowners who want to gauge interest in their home before putting their home on the market. Heyer, president and CEO of Minnesota-based, has created a pre-market for real estate transactions that allows prospective home buyers to shop for all homes, whether or not they're actually on the market. "In the traditional real estate market your house is virtually invisible until you decide to sell it," he said. "We are marketing every house that exists." Igglo, a company in Finland, has a similar site that allows prospective buyers to bid for properties that aren't formally for sale. That company has reportedly photographed every building in Helsinki, and allows prospective buyers to post online offers that can be viewed by homeowners. The Web site allows real estate agents to sponsor a part of a grid defined by the company, and...