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Real estate Web site: Don’t do it yourself

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A flaming house, an amateur snowboarder tumbling end-over-end on a steep slope, at-home oral surgery, a skywriter spiraling out of control, a worse-than-bad hairdo -- all examples of do-it-yourself efforts gone awry. A Web site and marketing campaign launched this year by the Orlando Regional Realtor Association promote these fictional stories that demonstrate the potentially disastrous consequences of attempting tasks that the group says are better left to professionals. Welcome to the world of Don't-It-Yourself. Launched in April, the campaign is intended to promote the use of Realtors in real estate transactions and to discourage consumers from going it alone. And there are big plans for this Realtor-driven Don't-It-Yourself movement -- several other Realtor associations have expressed interest in creating similar marketing programs, and there are plans for the campaign to expand nationwide. A page at the site already features Don't-It-Yourself merchandise for sale, including hats ...