Removing paint specks gets back to basics

Job done with scouring pad, liquid agents

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Q: I recently had laminated flooring put in an apartment. When the workers finished installing the floor, they painted the walls. But when they painted the ceiling with a roller, little dots of the oil paint splattered all over the floor. How do I remove these paint spots without scraping the floor or otherwise marring the finish? A: Drop cloths are wonderful things. If your painters had exercised a little more effort and spent a little more time, you would not have to fix the results of their laziness. In building and remodeling there's a definite order to things. In this case it would have been wise to paint before putting in the laminate. Any nicks or scratches made when the floor was installed can easily be touched up before showing the apartment. But since that is not the case, before suggesting ways to remove the specks, allow us to digress and explain the proper way to prepare a room before painting so that paint gets on the walls and ceiling, not where it doesn't belong. J...