What to do about that mushy subfloor

Moisture is first likely culprit

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Q: I have pulled up the carpet in my condo, and found a couple of areas of subfloor that seem mushy underfoot, as well as some areas with raised ridges where the two pieces of plywood meet. How is this properly taken care of, and who is the best person to contact to do the work? --Katherine D. A: It's unusual for this type of ridging to occur in plywood unless it has been wet. My first concern would be to check for any signs of moisture in this area, such as dry rot or staining on the surface of the wood. If you suspect moisture, you need to contact an insurance restoration contractor or a flooring contractor who has the proper type of moisture meters to probe and check the moisture levels in the floor. Be sure to do this before installing new flooring. The subfloor itself is best repaired by cutting out the soft area, installing blocking between the joists so that all four edges of the new plywood are supported, and then installing a new piece of plywood using screws and subfloor adhe...