Your fall home-maintenance checklist

It's time once again to get ready for winter

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Fall is already in the air, which means that another chilly winter can't be too far behind. So before the cold weather arrives and you snuggle up indoors again, here's your annual checklist of things to do to get your home ready for the change of season. INSIDE YOUR HOME Check smoke detectors: Please don't neglect that smoke detector any longer! Take some time right now to check the operation of detectors and to change the batteries. If you have an older house with a limited number of smoke detectors, you really need to install some additional ones. Battery-powered smoke detectors are inexpensive and very easy to install, so add one to each bedroom and make sure there is one centrally located on each level of the home as well. Install a carbon monoxide detector:A fire is not the only danger you can face inside your home. As houses get closed up for winter, the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning from malfunctioning gas appliances increases substantially. If you have a furnace, firepla...