How the Rust Belt built a nation

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A while back I was sitting in a cafe near a couple of freshly minted techie types. I happened to overhear -- OK, after a while I strained to overhear -- as one explained to the other how he'd loathed his Pennsylvania hometown for its stodgy work ethic, its Middle-American attitudes, and so on. He summed up by breezily remarking, "Another generation of steelworkers would have to die before I'd go back to Pittsburgh." This last comment left me wondering a) whether he had some sort of reasoning disability, or b) whether our schools have simply quit teaching any history about who or what built this nation. For a purportedly educated person to dismiss one of America's historically pivotal cities because there were too many steelworkers still hanging around seems the height of both ignorance and unkindness. Those awful Pittsburgh steelworkers! It was nice of them to help make us the world's industrial power, but now they should just hurry up and die so my friends and I can sip lattes by the ...