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DOJ targets 36 markets in NAR antitrust suit

Realtor association seeks rule change for separate contested listings policy

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NEW ORLEANS -- The Justice Department, as a part of its antitrust lawsuit against the 1.3-million-member National Association of Realtors trade group, has identified 36 market areas in which association policy for the online display and sharing of property information has allegedly caused anticompetitive effects, said Laurie Janik, general counsel for the group. Filed last year, the lawsuit charges that the Realtor group's policies are illegal because they could potentially be used to squelch real estate competition, while the Realtor group has maintained that its policies provide for ample online information about properties. "They've identified 36 markets to us where they intend to prove anticompetitive effects," Janik said Friday during a meeting for multiple listing service executives at a Realtor conference in New Orleans."We'll be waiting to see just what types of proof they plan to advance from those marketplaces." Lawyers for the association, meanwhile, are conducting inte...