Numerous ways that home sales fall apart

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Recently, a Los Angeles home seller thought his sale was a sure thing. Mere days later, his house was back on the market. What went wrong? The buyer didn't qualify for financing. In most cases, this sort of fallout can be avoided. One positive byproduct of the recent fast seller's market is that lenders are prepared to preapprove buyers for financing in a day or two. It doesn't make sense for either the buyer or seller to enter into a transaction that the buyer can't complete financially. To avoid disappointment, buyers should find out for sure what they can afford before making an offer. Buyers are in a better bargaining position with the seller if they can accompany their offer with a bona fide preapproval letter. HOUSE HUNTING TIP: There's a big difference between prequalification and preapproval. A prequalification letter merely states that the buyer might be qualified for a mortgage if the credit report and pertinent financial documentation pans out. A preapproval letter from a le...