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The walkaway

Diary of a real estate rookie

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So does no one ever simply concede a point? I have a rental client coming into town tomorrow. (Actually, by the time this goes up on the Web and you read this, I'll be showing her properties.) She's a relo from the Midwest, referred to me by her husband's business partner and his wife, whom I just placed. She knows, let's see, no one in New York. So I feel like she's a pretty captive client, but I still have to find her the world's greatest apartment or she won't stay captured. And we're in a little bit of a lull right now, it being December. I think some people who might be listing their units right about now are thinking that no one really wants to move over the holidays, so they'll just wait until January. Since inventory is low, it won't take that many appointments to make the circuit. But that does mean I need every appointment that I can get. And she had one unit that she especially seemed to like from the Web, so I called about it. And you know what the other broker said? We...