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Real estate and the art of Internet friends

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So this mortgage guy has been trying to meet me for months. I am generally suspicious of mortgage people: In my own experience as a buyer, they've been horrible. When I bought my first apartment, a little co-op for $65,000 (oh, those were the days!) I thought my mortgage broker was OK, but now I wonder if that's just because I didn't know any better. When I sold that apartment and bought another one, he sang me a very pretty song: You can buy before you sell, I'll get you a bridge loan, no problem. Well, it turns out he was bs-ing me, which put in motion a terrible chain of events as I scrambled to find $60K for a down payment. So I generally don't trust mortgage people. Once I became a real estate agent, it just got worse. I lost a sale because I heard over and over from mortgage brokers how it would be "no problem" for a foreign national client to get a loan. Three brokers later, offered 1 percent over the prevailing rate if she paid points, my client decided she was happy renting...