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Inman News 2006 forecast report card

How we did with our real estate predictions

A year ago, Inman News provided a list of real estate predictions for 2006. Here's how we did: Prediction 1: The Google Base listing service will be a major hit and completely rearrange the online listings and lead generation landscape for real estate, marketing and media companies. Google Base steadily picked up real estate listings throughout the year and in November launched a single page for real estate professionals to help them load listings in bulk or individually. Some prominent brokerage firms -- including Windermere, Real Living and Prudential California/Nevada/Texas Realty -- announced that they have started uploading listings to the Google Base site. Prediction 2: A cooler housing market will shake tens of thousands of real estate agents out of the business. The number of agents who belong to the National Association of Realtors has not decreased, but we have heard from readers and local news sources that plenty of agents have quit the business this year due to shrinking sa...