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How Realtors can thrive in ’07

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Make no mistake: The days of easy money for real estate salespeople are over at least for now. But that doesn't mean real estate sales is a bad business; rather, it means Realtors must have a new strategy for success. The National Association of Realtors has forecast sales of more than 6.4 million resale and 975,000 new-built homes in the United States next year. That's fewer sales than were recorded this year and in prior recent years. And the pain looks to be more severe in new homes than the resale market. But the forecast overall shouldn't be characterized as a weak or troubled housing market. In fact, a year with more than 6 million homes sold is quite strong, historically speaking. If the forecast is reasonably close to the actual mark, hundreds of thousands of Realtors and other professionals in related real estate businesses will be quite successful in 2007 and beyond. What's ironic about the real estate business today is that while technology has brought new techniques, t...