Navigating home inspection process

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There's one thing that buyers and sellers agree on: home inspections are no fun. Buyers and sellers hope for a good end result, but something invariably comes up. To complicate matters, inspectors sometimes disagree on what is wrong, what should be done to correct a problem or how much it will cost. Finding the right inspector isn't always easy, but it's often critical to resolving an issue. A home inspector recently found a defect in a chimney. He recommended that the fireplace not be used until the problem was corrected. A chimney contractor looked at the problem and said that fixing it was beyond his area of expertise. The buyer's agent suggested calling a second specialist who said he could repair the defect, but he was too busy to do the work before the transaction closed. Furthermore, he wouldn't be able to issue a firm bid for the repair work without dismantling part of the chimney in order to access the problem. The sellers agreed to fix the problem, but they were unwill...