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Befriend agents, walk new neighborhoods: ’07 resolutions

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So it's time to make New Year's resolutions again. Gosh, after 2005 (when my New Year's resolution was "Get married and start a new career") and 2006 (when my New Year's resolution was "Stay married and don't starve to death") it seems tough to go back to the old standby of "Lose 10 pounds and go to the dentist twice." But honestly -- after a year where I did my first deals and wrote a marathon 100,000 words -- I'm ready for a tad less adventure. Maybe I'll make a bunch of little ones, so that I'll feel a sense of achievement even if I keep only some of them. (My friend Joyce summed it up perfectly in a birthday card she sent me: it's a Mike Twohy cartoon of two cats standing next to a scratched-up chair, and one is saying to the other: "I have a couple of other projects I'm excited about.") So let's see, what would be nice, bite-sized New Year's resolutions? 1. Stay married. Possibly the only resolution I have to revisit every day, but definitely the most fun, though it involve...