How not to run out of hot water

Simple solutions for home water heater

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Running out of hot water before you finish your morning shower is one of life's little irritants.  If you have an electric water heater, the answer may be as simple as adjusting a thermostat or replacing a heating element. Your first task is to check the settings on the thermostats, of which there are two on most water heaters. First, check your electrical panel and locate and shut the circuit breaker that controls the water heater – you're dealing with 240 volts as soon as you open up the water heater, so DON'T TRY AND DO THIS WITH THE POWER ON. There is, however, no need to shut off the water for this first step. Remove the two access panel covers on the front of the water heater, which are held in place by one or two screws each. Set the panel covers and screws aside and, if present, remove the small insulation blankets inside the access areas. This will expose the thermostats, which are simply two small dials marked in degrees Fahrenheit, with a small adjustable pointer....