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Meet the Bubble Debunkers

Part 4: Bubble debate blows up on real estate agent blog

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Editor's note: Talk of a real estate bubble, brewing for many years, has spawned an assortment of real estate blogs devoted to bubble talk and statistical analyses. These bubble sites offer a counterpoint to industry data and mainstream media coverage, and have gained a following among consumers and industry analysts alike. Several "bubble bloggers" -- some named and some choosing to remain anonymous -- have shared their views with Inman News. (Read the intro to this series, "The rise of real estate bubble blogs.") This article focuses on a real estate agent who said in his blog that the "bubble is a myth." Jonathan Dalton, a real estate agent for Century 21 Arizona Foothills in the Phoenix area, opened a virtual floodgate to an unending real estate bubble debate when he wrote a post at his real estate blog on Nov. 10 titled, "Popping the Bubble." Though definitions can differ, a housing bubble is generally considered to be a state in which real estate prices are unsustainably high and...