Health concerns of pressure-treated deck

Are there risks in removing, disposing of wood?

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Q: My husband and I installed a pressure-treated deck about 15 years ago. We did not know then what we know now about the chemicals and carcinogens that were used in the manufacturing process. We installed a second redwood deck on a back portion of the house about eight years ago. We're now interested in tearing out the pressure-treated deck and replacing it with redwood for one consistent look and maintenance plan. Our questions are: 1. Is there any risk involved to people removing a pressure-treated deck? Should workers wear protective gloves or masks? 2. Because pressure-treated lumber is toxic and non-biodegradable, where is an appropriate place to dump the deck pieces once they are removed? 3. Have you heard any studies or read any anecdotes about anyone (pets included) getting sick from living with a pressure-treated deck? I ask because our dogs often chew and lick toys and bones on that deck. A: More than 70 years ago, Karl Wolman invented a system to infuse wood with preser...