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Inman Blog Challenge: Readers debate Web site lead forms

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Editor's note: The following post appears on the Inman News Blog. The blog enables readers to comment on postings and respond to other readers leaving comments in real time. Click here to join the discussion stemming from this post. To attach a lead form or not to attach a lead form -- believe it or not that's still a pretty hot-button issue in the real estate industry. Not long ago pretty much every Web site with real estate listings on it required consumers to fill out a form before they could get access to the goodies. The form enables brokers, agents and lead-generation companies to "get something" out of the exchange of information -- you get information, I get to spam you for the rest of your life. Or at least, that's how many have approached this. But now the game has changed a little. Today's Web surfers are tired of having to give up information all the time and will either 1) create fake accounts (there are even services that will automatically create fake accounts for Web s...