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MLS says denial of membership to flat-fee company was ‘staff error’

Consideration of application has been postponed

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The co-founder of a company that offers flat-fee services to list properties in multiple listing services complained to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission after receiving notice that the company was denied membership in a multiple listing service operated by the Oklahoma City Metro Association of Realtors. And the association, which on March 28 issued a notice denying the application, today said that the application is still under consideration by the MLS board. "Basically we made a mistake," said Jennifer Johnson, director of marketing and professional standards for the association. "(The) application was postponed, not denied." She said the mistake was due to a staff error. The March 28 notice stated, "Your application for MLS participation has been denied by the MLS Board of Directors. Your application does not comply with the participatory requirements." officials, in a public statement, raised questions about whether the company's provisions of flat-fee services was a ...