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‘I have a dream’

The Davison Files

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In 1963, a man slight in stature but grand in spirit shared his dream for America. His message was broadcast in black and white, a fantastic irony of the times. Many recoiled. Ignorance was their common thread. Ignorance is not evil; it's an illness that's curable with proper care. In January of 2007, inside the Marriott Times Square in New York, I detected a similar illness plaguing our real estate community. It was the context of the conference itself -- a watering hole for those thirsty for diverse ideas that shone an equally fantastic light of irony of our times. It occurred during the debate between the giant majority, personified by's Allan Dalton, and the tiny minority, represented that day by Glenn Kelman of Redfin. Dalton, a man of spirit, intellect and vision in his own right, began the debate by referring to Realtors as the most benevolent work force in America. Realtors certainly can be that at times, along with other benevolent members of our society including...