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Consumers can literally window-shop for real estate

Technology provides a new touch for property search

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Looking for homes can be a pressing matter -- especially when you're using a touch-screen. TableTouch Inc., a San Francisco company, offers a technology that allows consumers to literally window-shop for homes on the Web by touching a window at a real estate office. The company's technology features a computer display screen that is mounted against an office's window glass. A weak electrical charge allows the monitor to sense and react to the touch of the window just like the click of a mouse on a Web link -- similar to ATM machines that allow users to press a display screen rather than physical buttons. Several real estate offices are using the technology, dubbed the StoreFront Browser Monitor. The cost of a 19-inch monitor is about $6,000 and a 23-inch version costs about $7,000, plus additional costs for accessories, usage reports and other options. The screens can be used to search a company's for-sale property inventory and multiple listing service-listed properties. Consumers can...