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The big chair

Diary of a real estate rookie

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I have been a part-time agent for nearly a year now, but I still write a lot. For one thing, it provides a dribble of steady income; for another, it's in my blood. I had been a reporter for nearly two decades when I started showing houses, and I still have an ingrained tendency to ask questions like a reporter. And I love writing; sometimes when I don't know what I think about something or how I feel about it, I'll start writing and the answer will simply come out. Maybe a musician experiences the same sense of peace sitting down at the piano, I don't know. So earlier this week I had an interview I had to do for a column. The subject was a big-shot New York City broker, and when I interviewed him he asked after my sponsoring broker, so I ended up calling into the office. There was drama on the other end of the phone line: my sponsoring broker sounded tired, defeated. He didn't mention that anything specific was wrong, but he did have a strong "I'll just put my head in the oven," tone ...