Install new toilet like a pro

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Changing a toilet isn't always at the top of the list for glamorous remodeling projects. Thankfully, it's not a particularly difficult undertaking, so if your home is due for a new or upgraded toilet, here are some tips on how to get it done successfully. REMOVING THE OLD ONE The first step is to get the old toilet out of the way. Begin by shutting off the water supply to the toilet, which is typically a small valve coming out of the wall or floor below the toilet's tank. Flush the toilet a couple of times to remove most of the water, then use a small plastic cup or other container to scoop out as much of the remaining water from the bowl as possible. Next, disconnect the water line where it connects to the valve. If you want to reuse the water line you can disconnect it where it attaches to the tank instead, but it's always best to replace the water line at the same time you replace a toilet. The toilet is held in place with two nuts, which are located on the base of the bowl. The nut...