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Not playing nice

Diary of a real estate rookie

One of the reasons I wanted to be a Realtor is that I'm fairly social, and I enjoy being around other people. The difficulty is that I'm not sure I like them. Oh sure, other people are perfectly lovely to sit down and have a lunch with. But in a work context, they don't always do what I would do, which makes me nutso. In this, I am my mother's child – she was a southern judge famous for her way or the highway. (In nice polite southern terms, my momma didn't suffer fools gladly). And neither do I, but somehow other people get tetchy being told they're fools simply because they don't wanna do things my way. Weird, huh? Unfortunately, I have to manage my tendency to dictate -- I mean lead -- in this job, because I am not my client's only advisor. I have to constantly leave myself post-its to play nice with the other people on my client's team: their attorney, their architect, their mother-in-law, their Aunt Sally -- and in the case of a buyer, their mortgage guy. If I am giving th...