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Eight real estate sites break into Hitwise top 100

ActiveRain Network among fastest-rising sites

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The top 20 real estate Web sites on the Internet are well entrenched, but there's still lots of "churn" among the top 100, according to the latest numbers from Hitwise. So far this year, the top eight real estate Web sites as ranked by Hitwise have maintained their positions, and only one newcomer has been able to break into the top 10 list. There are only two new sites in the Hitwise top 20 list. But Hitwise, which ranks sites according to their market share of total visits based on a sample of 10 million Internet users, reported an 8 percent "churn" among the top 100 real estate Web sites in April. That means eight of the top 100 real estate Web sites in March were ousted by newcomers in April. Making the top 100 list is a significant achievement because those sites hog more than two-thirds of traffic in the category, or 69.6 percent, according to Hitwise. Two sites that came out of nowhere to break into the top 100 were and the MRMLS Central Site, Hitwise ...