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Some say ’60 Minutes’ misses the mark

Industry reacts to primetime spotlight

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"60 Minutes," an investigative television news program, tackled the issue of real estate commissions, discounters versus full-service companies, and industry competition in a segment that aired Sunday night -- and the dust hasn't yet settled. Dozens of comments poured into the CBS Web site related to the segment, titled, "Chipping at Realtors' Six Percent" -- some praising the show for highlighting the price that consumers typically pay for real estate services and others condemning the news segment as slanted toward the perspective of discount firms and against those agents who tend to charge higher fees for service. The real estate industry had been anticipating the airing of the real estate segment -- the show's producers had been pursuing the story for many months, and the National Association of Realtors sent a notice to all of its local Realtor associations to prepare them for what to expect in the content of the program. Association officials met with the show's representatives ...