What’s causing my mold infestation?

Splitting paint raises a number of issues

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Q: I have mold developing underneath a window in my bedroom. The window faces north-northwest and never has sun on it. I wonder if the mold could be caused simply by moisture accumulating in the room, or is it a more serious problem, such as a leaking window frame? I have no idea whom to consult. One inspector wrote in his report that the paint job was poor, but didn't say why. There's a contractor in my neighborhood, but how do I know he knows what he's talking about? I'd like to get someone who could determine what is causing the mold, and why the paint splits off my front window sills within months of being applied. The wood is not soft, and the tip of a knife does not penetrate. Any tips on what kind of expert I should be consulting and how to recognize a reliable person would be greatly appreciated. A: The mold on your window is either the result of too much moisture and too little ventilation or it could be symptomatic of a more serious problem. The peeling paint on...