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Part 4: Blinded by the light

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Editor's note: This article is Part 4 of a four-part perspective series looking at the impact of new online social media on real estate. See Part 1, "Real estate's Adult Friend Finder"; Part 2, "Out of the box and into the ditch"; and Part 3, "Real estate and social media spark bright future." Revved up like a duce Our industry has seen its share of runners, madman drummers, bummers and Indian-in-the-summer opinion leaders pump their way into the real estate hat for too long. They foraged in and tripped the entire real estate merry-go-round. Agents and brokers who bought into their discipline were blinded by the light of a dubious proposition: they were told they could sustain a business by capturing consumers through duplicity, cartoon branding and service techniques from a past century. Traditional real estate was sold on the idea that its value was gatekeeping. That it should remain a closed platform. That being the center of the transaction was an entitlement and that personal br...