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John L. Scott launches real estate ‘Etch A Sketch’

Users can define property-search boundaries on map

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Like Etch A Sketch for online real estate searches, a new tool created for Pacific Northwest brokerage company John L. Scott Real Estate allows consumers to outline a customized shape on a map to search for available homes within that area. The tool, called Neighborhood Wizard, uses geocoding technology to find home matches in the user-selected boundaries based on properties' longitude and latitude coordinates. "It's almost like using an Etch A Sketch to define your search area," said John L. Scott chairman and CEO J. Lennox Scott, referring to a handheld drawing tool invented in 1959. "You can be as picky as you like." And John Chang, vice president of marketing and e-business for John L. Scott, said in a statement that the new tool solves the problem of consumers who are "forced to search for homes within artificial boundaries that were defined by the MLS or ZIP codes." Users of the Web site define the customized map area by clicking on the Neighborhood Wiza...