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Real estate duets to hit on tough changes

New, old worlds collide at Real Estate Connect

As the television news show, "60 Minutes," recently demonstrated with its polarizing program on the industry, real estate is in a state of flux right now. New technologies and applications appear almost daily with the promise of revolutionizing the process of buying and selling a home. Amidst all this change, a schism has formed between those subscribing to new schools of thought on how the industry should evolve and those who prefer to stick with the status quo. This year's Real Estate Connect SF brings together the new with the old for three days of lively discussion, debate and networking opportunities with some of the smartest people in real estate and technology startups. The complete speaker lineup and conference program are available online. This year's event, slated for Aug. 1-3, at the Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco, includes several "Connect Duet" sessions, which were introduced at the Real Estate Connect NY conference earlier this year and sparke...