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Sellers: Iggys House offers free MLS listing

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Brian Lund, a resident of Orange County, Calif., has participated in real estate transactions but hadn't tried the do-it-yourself route until he learned about a company called Iggys House that offers free multiple listing service exposure for sellers in 20 states. His wife, Pam Tran, read a news article about the service, which was launched in April as a counterpart to BuySide Realty, a company that offers cash rebates to buyers in six states. "We hadn't done anything by ourselves before. I wasn't even aware there were services like this," Lund said. The Lunds were still mulling over whether to sell their home in Huntington Beach, Calif., when they learned about Iggys House, and Lund said that otherwise they "probably would have gone with a broker. It's just one of those things -- why don't we give it a shot?" he said. They listed their home for sale with the Web-based service in April. Iggys House allows consumers to post property information, photos and videos at the W...