Toilet disaster waiting to happen

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Q: I installed a new toilet using a wax ring with no rubber gasket. I set the new bowl on the bolts, making sure it was lined up right. But the bowl still wobbles -- front to back, not side to side. When I fill the tank with water the water angles toward the wall. When I sit on the toilet, the water moves forward. My house was built in the early 1960s and has a cast-iron flange coming out of the floor with the bolts secured to the flange, so I could not replace them. The flange is in good shape, but it sits about a half-inch above the floor. I think the base of the bowl is hitting the top of the flange. Do you recommend shimming the bowl? A: We think you're right, the base of the new commode is resting on top of the closet flange, which becomes a fulcrum or balance point. The weight of the water in the filled tank moves the toilet to the rear. Because you are heavier than the water-filled tank, when you sit on the toilet, the balance moves to the front. The bad news is that...