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In the time it took to read this sentence: A new idea was born.A new innovation that will change the world just emerged. A new business registered. A new way of thinking is now viral. The speed-of-light change is coursing through every industry. Each has its own examples of those who are part of the movement. They come in three forms: the map makers, the ship captains and the willing passengers. Each needs the others. And every industry has examples of those who chose not to be part of the movement. They come in three forms: the disbelievers, the stubborn and the uniformed. Real estate is on the fast track of change. It has its share of map makers and disbelievers, ship captains and the uninformed, willing passengers and the stubborn. New Worlds I've been short on sleep lately. If you're a sailor you'll understand why. The wind of change is blowing steadily at 30 knots and I'm Columbus out on the Web's open seas -- looking for new worlds to discover, new ideas to grab onto, to c...