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Fair housing?

Diary of a real estate rookie

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A little head-scratcher for the Fourth of July: It seems odd, in the New York City of 2007, to think about Fair Housing. Everyone is priced out of Manhattan apartments, black, brown and white alike, and it is tough to imagine that, if a purple customer came falling out of the heavens with a suitcase full of cash, brokers wouldn't trip all over themselves to serve him. But we didn't always live in today's utopia, where the majority is color-blinded by greed. A mere generation ago, people experienced housing discrimination based on the color of their skin. And so I don't sound like a dry civics textbook, let me tell one little anecdote from my own childhood: It is the early 1970s. I am a white little girl living in the South, in a white neighborhood where big houses are surrounded by trees and lakes. A new family moves in next door. The girl my age is my dream best friend in every way: she is kind and adventurous, but she can run way faster than me and her daddy knows how to catch catfis...