Finding perfect house is all about timing

Have I been looking long enough?

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It's not uncommon for buyers to look for six months or more before finding the right house or condo to buy. Sometimes, it takes even longer if listings are in short supply. Lucky are the home buyers who find a great property that suits their needs soon after they start their search. But, finding the right property earlier than anticipated can pose a problem for some buyers. Common concerns are: Have I looked long enough to understand the local market and the range of housing options available? Could there be another, even better listing on the market, perhaps at a better price? Will an upcoming listing be more appealing? Should I wait and see what else might come along, or should I go for it? HOUSE HUNTING TIP: Don't pass over an ideal property just because you found it quickly. Instead, complete due-diligence investigations to satisfy any concerns you may have about the property before you make an offer. You could regret it if you don't buy the listing and it takes years to find anoth...