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Fair-housing quiz

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How much do you know about federal housing laws? InmanWiki contributor Leo Romero has offered a short quiz for readers to test themselves: True or False? A housing community funded by a religious charity may not require that rental applicants be members of said religion. A loan officer may turn down a female Asian-American applicant simply because she does not have a steady job and income. A property owner may assign families with younger children to particular buildings, or sections of buildings, in order to minimize disturbance to other members of a community. With the exception of Section 811 properties, an owner may legally reject an applicant with a history of mental illness, even though he is not a danger to others. A rental application from a member of a protected class may be rejected if said applicant has poor housekeeping habits. If requested by a member of a protected class, a real estate agent may limit a home search to certain neighborhoods based on the client's et...