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Some dude in Brazil just picked lint from his belly button. Someone in Belgium just bought an iPhone. Another guy is stranded at Glasgow airport due to terrorist attacks. As I weave through these granular posts each day on Twitter I gain a telepathic sense of the entire world around me. Global is the new local Small is the new big, they say. Fifty is the new 30. New ideas replace the old. We need effective prioritization and speed to embrace a changing world. Smarter is the new harder. I say global is the new local. Google shrunk the world by placing the planet on our desktops. We zoom down on countries, states, cities, neighborhoods, streets and rooftops. The effect on us is breathtaking. Twittervision, which puts recent Twitter updates on a map of the world, now offers us a tactile sense of it by bringing us inside the structure, inside the heads of people. This is epic. Think big Ask a Realtor how many listings she has. She'll say whatever number of homes she has under contract...