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Real estate blogger disconnect

Challenges for Realtors in blogging

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Is blogging just the latest fad or is it a tool that every future Realtor should implement as part of his or her regular business plan? At the recent National Association of Realtors Midyear conference in Washington, D.C., an audience member asked the following question: "I've just been hearing about this new blogging thing. Do I really need a blog?" The answer: "No -- this shouldn't be a high priority." I was stunned not only by the question, but even more so by the answer. Blogging is new? I don't need to make blogging a priority? When I'm out on the speaking circuit, I strongly encourage agents to use blogging and social networking as an innovative way to generate customer leads. The response to this approach has been lukewarm at best. Out of a typical audience of 200 agents, maybe one or two agents are blogging. Agents are interested, but only a small percentage will take action on any of the technological innovations I discuss, much less go the route of creating a blog. What's ...