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Real estate in a pickle: Here’s a solution

The Davison Files

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All right, we get it. Real estate's in a pickle. Former National Association of Realtors Chief Economist John Tuccillo's recent observation that Realtor competence has fallen to its "lowest point ever" has everyone thinking, how much worse can this get? Some of us are glass-half-full people. Others are glass-half-empty people. Me, I just finish the drink. Barkeep, pour me another. Why wonder how much worse it can get? Let's start thinking about how to make this whole thing better. The small broker I'm going to start here: the local real estate brokerage with fewer than 100 agents. Here are 10 things I would do if I owned one, "Davison Real Estate": 1. Hire the best, not the most. And when I say best, I don't mean some top producer I'd obsess about poaching then give away the store to. I'd recruit people who are passionate about my vision and give them real training in real business skills: negotiation, property marketing, management and more. No "quick trainings" or "boot camps" fo...