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The non-core customer

Diary of a real estate rookie

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Do you know who your customers are? I know that sounds like something a motivational speaker might say, but don't dismiss it purely on those grounds. If you are selling, it helps to have a strong grip on who you are selling to. I often joke about my clientele being "busy millionaires and poor journalists," but that really is my focus. I love renters, because they're usually fast money, and they grow up to be buyers. I like first-time buyers, because, as much work as they are, I feel they can become customers for life (I have worked with Gil, my first broker and current boss, on five transactions because he was so good on the first one). I love poor journalists because they have big mouths, and I love busy millionaires, because, hey, doesn't everybody? The people I turn down, on the other hand -- and even in my struggle to build a young business I do turn people down -- aren't rich enough, or don't seem to have the potential to be rich enough, or aren't sure enough that the...