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I believe in guardian angels. Without one, I don't know how I negotiated the two-hour drive home from a speaking engagement the other day. I don't remember one inch of road. My thoughts were wrapped around the profound realizations that occur when you step outside your own world and visit another. A good question I raised some questions during my speech: Who blogs? Who's on Facebook? Who has an RSS reader? Who reads Inman News? Who's paperless? Who creates videos of their listings? Not a hand was raised. Clearly, many things we "in the know" take for granted have eluded the real estate rank and file. There was a nearly unanimous desire to learn more -- and, at some point, adopt -- these media and tools, but for whatever reason they had not become imperative. It occurred to me that I am either crazy, or most of the people in my audience were headed for deeper trouble. While packing up my things and preparing to leave, one agent approached and asked me what I would do if I were an a...