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A real estate fable

The Davison Files

There's a reason why Aesop's fables resonate today. They delve deep into the human condition with gentle songs of pin-pointed truth. Consider the fable of the North Wind and the Sun: The North Wind and the Sun argue over which is stronger. A competition ensues to see who can make a passing traveler uncloak. The North Wind goes first. The harder it blows at the traveler, the tighter the traveler wraps himself. The Sun goes next. Its golden rays part the looming clouds. Its warmth reaches down in a gentle embrace. The traveler removes his cloak. For me, this is now a real estate fable -- a parable that explains the Web 2.0 flowering that took place last week at Real Estate Connect. The North Winds of real estate Saturday -- After returning from Connect I sifted through e-mails, noting those sent in from non-attendees. They are all the same: "So tell me what's hot and new for real estate?" I didn't answer. It was too soon. I was still comatose. This morning I had it sorted out. Here goe...